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Cheap Gold Charm

cheap gold charm

cheap gold charm - Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Wishbone Pendant, 18"

Sterling Silver Wishbone Pendant, 18"

A beautifully detailed wishbone in sterling silver, hung from a sterling silver cable chain. Arrives boxed with a message of hope. Measures approx. 18 inches, wishbone measures approx. 3/4 inch in length.

This classic good luck symbol is set to accompany you on every journey. The wishbone pendant is crafted from smooth polished sterling silver and has a medium size and an instantly recognizable shape. It presents on an 18 inch sterling silver cable chain that threads directly through the top of the pendant and fastens in back with a spring ring clasp.

87% (17)

Lord Jim and Jeff

Lord Jim and Jeff

The Story of My Relation to One Book.

Poltava, Ukraine 2007

It is the tail end of my Peace Corps service. I'm working at the Cooperative University, teaching economics, Business English and the like. I have a desk in room 436 which is a peculiar little room. See the University has a library but one teacher decided that she didn't like it I guess, and basically created her own library that she would have total control over and dubbed it the “Resource Center.” The room also still functioned as a classroom, which made it awkward when I wanted to go to my desk. The room swelled with books, and was organized under the “I know where everything is” premise by the aforementioned teacher. This was a claim made in good faith but was plainly false. It was not uncommon to find identical copies of a book filed under different topical sections. One day when I didn't have anything to do (This was annoyingly common, the university seemed strangely reluctant to give me classes. Then other teachers would complain how they had so much more work than me. I actually started teaching at a second university to fill up my schedule. Then I got complaints that I wasn't available because I was teaching at another university. But I digress.) and the aforementioned teacher was in Egypt or something I took it upon myself to bring some organization to the books (only the novels, I never got around to the text books). Since I was and am oblivious to how to set up a dewy decimal system I used the simple method of grouping books together written by the same author. This took a while because when I'd be looking for books by Sue Grafton I'd realize we had several books by Jeffrey Archer and then I'd have to go back and find his books and while I was doing that I'd realize that we had several books by James Patterson and I'd have to go back and look for his... you get the idea. I half expected the aforementioned teacher to have a fit when she came back to find all her books moved, but if she ever noticed the change she never said so (I cleverly left the books immediately next to her desk untouched.)

A short time after that I decided, as I often do, that I wanted to read a book. While I usually read contemporary novels, I opted in this case to make a selection from the Resource Center's collection of of Penguin Classics, and that my selection would be a work by author that had the most books available but that I had never heard of. Thanks to my organization I was able to quickly see that I needed to be reading Joseph Conrad. By my careful methodology of looking at the back covers of his books, I came to the conclusion that his two major works were Lord Jim and The Secret Agent.

I choose The Secret Agent because it was his only book that did not involve seafaring, which held no particular interest to me. (I found out after the fact that it is also considered his most socially relevant book in the twenty first century— the book talks at length about how to choose the best target for a terrorist attack.) I found it to be a brilliant book filled with original characters, clever dialog, and sharp humor. I knew I wanted to read more Conrad, but following The Secret Agent I needed something lighter to read. Conrad writes great books, but he also writes very demanding books. Books where you get to the bottom of a page, realize you're not quite sure how you got there and you have to go back and try again. It's not a beach read.

But as I said in the beginning, I was already in the tail end of my Peace Corps service and I didn't get a chance to pick up another Penguin Classic.

New York, USA 2009

I came to NY for a month long course known as CELTA (Certificate in English Language Training for Adults). This Cambridge certificate is seen as the gold standard of certifications among the teaching English as a second language world. I had already taught in Ukraine and Japan but I found there was still plenty of good things to learn in this course. There were two non-teaching things I wanted to do while in New York. One was walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (I think I saw Rachel Ray do this) which I would actually do several times (you get a really good view of the city from there). The other thing was to go to some used bookshops.

If you've only ever shopped at book stores like Borders, you really ought to try to find a used book shop to visit. I like Borders, I go there frequently while in the states, but it doesn't have the same charm that a secondhand book store has. The one obvious superiority is that used books are often significantly cheaper (unless you're going for “rare” books, that's a whole other game). With lower prices you don't have to make as many hard decisions about what books to buy. But there's more than that. You go to a new bookstore if you want a new bestseller. You go to an old bookstore to go exploring. You may have a particular book in mind that you want, but you're more likely to find

Damu vs a Choker

Damu vs a Choker

A scene from the story below of Damu the Kenku assassin fighting a choker.

The tale of Leo Wayfarer and Damu the Kenku Assassin, as told by Leo to his Nephew Leto Colins: #14 of 33- Songs of the Little Frog Men.

I saw this old Sorcerer the other day using little tricks, like flashes of colored light and puffs of smoke to amuse children. Quite adorable really, it was a touching moment. It reminded me of one job Damu and did. Not that this story doesn’t have its gloom and doom and some dead mother fuckers, but this story ends with the smiles of children.

So I’m sitting on my porch drinking, watching the smoke stacks rise over the row homes as the bums and hookers stroll by. A few people stop by through out the day, nothing serious. It starts to get dark out and right as I pull my chair up and start to go in for the evening this skinny blonde guy with an eye patch holding something wrapped up in leather close to his chest comes up to me. First thing I notice is that for having one eye he still had crazy eyes, or crazy eye at it were. Second he smelled funny and third he had obvious just got his ass kicked. Dude was covered in cuts and bruises.

He starts talking to me all nasally and frantic, “I…I…Hear you’re an adventurous man…adventurous for pay…pay isn’t it?”. He dropped the wrapped up leather at my feet. I opened it up and inside was Jeweled knife and on the inside of the leather itself, painted on one side of it was a map. I started laughing. You know I’ve worked for the vilest scum bags and the biggest pricks you can imagine over the years, so why not one job on behalf of the insane and annoying?

I brought the guy inside my house and poured him a drink, and he began pouring his heart out in some crazy ramble. This guy, Roderick he said his name was, was a Sorcerer who worked for a Gnome craftsman who made magical Childs toys for the super rich. Basically they were in the business of making Doll Golems. They were making a ton of gold and couldn’t keep enough dolls in stock. The problem was that to make a Golem, weather a huge dangerous one like we think of when we think of Golems, or even a doll Golem, is a difficult and costly process. His boss thought of a short cut and he regretted helping him. What he told me seemed ridiculous at first but when I saw later on that it was true and sadly real, I have to admit it was creepy.

The guy Roderick worked for this Gnome Abe Shulberg. Roderick was a sorcerer of modest talent, and not very prone to an adventurous life. He used his merger magical abilities to get by doing odd jobs. When he heard that the Gnome Shulberg needed to take on assistants he thought it’d be a chance to improve his skills and for awhile he claimed he did learn a lot.

Abe Shulberg, when not working in Scardale, lived in a vast estate between Scardale and Scos. Roderick spent time on his estate and learned that it had a system of caves on the property that he took to exploring. He did warn me that the caves had some creature there that Shulberg had charmed to attack anyone not wearing a certain large medallion that he gave to all his workers.

This cave system opened up to a little out door crevasse that from above was 60 ft below. He found that that inside the crevasse was a pond that seemed like it must be connected to a stream that ran along Shulberg’s house because the house had a water wheel that helped power his experiments which leaked alchemical waste into the stream. Both the stream and the pond radiated faint magic.

In the pond he found that a bunch of frogs lived there. Roderick, inspired by the odd circumstance tried to summon a familiar, something he hadn’t been able to pull off before. This time it worked, a large frog came forth and he named it Gerko. Gerko became his only friend.

A few months later he and Gerko returned to the pond and something strange happened. All of the frogs started following Gerko around. Then abruptly all the frogs could telepathically talk to Roderick like Gerko could. He was astounded. The frogs told him that as soon as they realized that Gerko could talk to people then why shouldn’t they be able to as well? Soon Roderick had a lot new friends and he spent as much time as he could at the pond. Roderick would tell them about Humans, cities and civilization and the Frogs began to worship the idea of Man. But Roderick told them that this was bad and that there was a God, a God of everything, which taught that all intelligent beings should strive towards goodness and light and towards greater and greater things. The greatness of Man he told them was that they followed the greatness of God.

The frogs took heed and soon they grew in size and could walk up right and talk. They built little houses for themselves and spent their days singing the praises of God, Man, and their friend Roderick. He said it was the best time of his life, but soon it was ruined. The greed of the Gnome Abe Shulberg soon cast a sickening cloud over it all.


cheap gold charm

cheap gold charm

Bling Jewelry Gold Vermeil Rubber Ducky 925 Sterling Silver Animal Bead Pandora Compatible

Stay a step ahead of the latest wave in European story bead fashion jewelry with Gold Vermeil Rubber Ducky 925 Sterling Silver Animal Bead. Made of .925 Sterling Silver and 14K gold, this animal bead is in the perfect shape of a rubber duck. Animal beads like these bring back fond childhood memories. Create your own European story charm bracelet with beads and charms that fit Pandora bracelets! This duck bead measures approximately 12mm height, 13mm length, 10mm width and weights approximately 2 grams. Your duck bead will appear to float on your snake chain or leather cord just as if it were the real thing. With a wide range of available patterns such as heart beads, charm beads, kids beads, enamel beads, animal beads, spacer beads, sports beads, star beads, crystal beads, glass beads and birthstone beads you're sure to discover a charm that fits Pandora bracelets. Compatible with Pandora, Biagi, Chamilia, and Troll beads!

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